Significance of Navagraha homam

Navagraha homams are conducted in the worship of nine celestial bodies namely Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Kethu. Navagrahas influence our life with their specific powers and impact every walk of our life both positively and negatively as per their positions in our horoscope and as per their transitory positions. By worshiping them through conducting homams, we are able to get over their ill effects on our life and protect us with their grace for the oncoming days which may be bad due to their power.

Benefits of performing Navagraha homam

There are certain dhoshas like Angaraka Dhosha, Kala Sarpa Dhosha etc which are related to specific Gods among nine celestial bodies(like Angaraka Dhosha caused by the position of Mars in a horoscope).Conducting homams to the concerned celestial bodies will appease those Gods, mitigate our sufferings and gain good things for us