Hindu Temple Youth Group Registration 2024-2025

Registration for the School Year 2024-25

  • For youth to discover the significance of our culture and religion. 
  • Our goal is to teach the youth to implement the principles of Hinduism in their lives.
  • HTYG helps children learn about Hindu culture, customs, festivals, temples, yoga, Slokas, bhajans, and great epics.

Age group:   5 years (Kindergarten) 18 years (12th grade )

If you do not receive a registration confirmation email from the Hindu Temple of St. Louis Youth Group within a week of registering, please contact hindutempleyouthgroup@gmail.com

Code of Conduct

  1. Attend regular classes and volunteer activities on time.
  2. Opportunities will be given with volunteer activities & other events depending on attendance to the regular classes.(At least more than 50% for the High school students)
  3. Follow all HTYG school and Temple policies. Please keep the premises clean.
  4. Follow the instructions given by HTYG teachers, and other Temple personnel in a respectful, and positive manner.
  5. You are responsible to check the email/website regularly for any announcements/class materials. print and organize the material at home as needed.
  6. Follow appropriate Temple dress code for HTYG classes. (no hoodies, hats, mini shorts/skirts). On yoga day, please wear yoga pants.
  7. Cell phones/other electronic devices and toys are not allowed during class times
  8. Be respectful to your peers. If you have any issues, please bring it to your teachers after class.
  9. Students are expected to be picked up on time after class. Teachers are not responsible for taking care of them.
  10. No snacks or drinks allowed in the facility. Water bottles are okay.
  11. Don’t take or post pictures on social media without prior approval from the HTYG admin team.
  12. Do not forward or post other organization events in the HTYG Whatsapp group.

Please read and accept the conditions above for registration.

For more details:

Visit us @ https://sites.google.com/prod/view/hindutempleyouthgroup/home

Reach us @ Hindutempleyouthgroup@gmail.com

Hindu Temple Youth Group 2024-2025 Registration

Hindu Temple Youth Group 2024-2025 Registration

Hindu Temple Youth Group 2024-2025 Registration

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