Hair offerings Pooja by Raja Swami


  1. Turmeric Powder – little bit (one cup)
  2. Kumkum – little bit
  3. Flowers – 2 bunches
  4. Agarbathi – 1 pocket
  5. Campher – 1 pocket
  6. Beatle Leaves – 11
  7. Beatle nuts – 11
  8. Flower – 2 bunches
  9. Banana – 12
  10. Apple (or) Oranges – 12)
  11. Navadanyam – 1 sheet (available in grocery stores)
  12. Quarter coins – 2 roles (for $20)
  13. New scissor – 1
  14. Coconut – 1
  15. Towel (big) – 1
  16. Blouse piece – 1
  17. Raw rice – 1 lbs
  18. Any prasadam to offer god

Preparation guidelines for puja

  • Please make ready all puja articles before priest come.
  • Please put ready DEEPAMS with keep wicks and oil and put NAVADHANYAS EACH ONE IN A EACH BOWL before priest comes
  • Please keep ready puja area with covering bed-sheets, and PUJA STAGE OR MANTAPAM before priest come(MANTAPAM ONLY IF YOU HAVE BUT NOT NECESSARY).
  • Don’t waste time AT PUJA with preparing camera or video, please prepare before like cells/charge and other necessary things.
  • If you have any kids it’s hard to ready all these things at that time, please tray to Call some body before puja for help. Then you can get time to do all these things.
  • These are regular problems. Instead of getting late if you do all these things before Priest comes, Then we can do puja without any hurry, Thanks.
  • If you do late every 30 min temple can charge extra money for late. Please be on time for picking up the priest and dropping the priest. Priest will have other scheduled poojas in the temple or any other private pooja.

Thanks for your co-operation.