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Priest Bharadhwaj, a Yagnika(Hindu Priest) hails from Newdelhi and Tamilnadu. Pandit Bharadhwaj Ji is well versed in Krishna Yajur Veda and Shaiva Agama & is qualified to perform several rituals and religious ceremonies in both temple and at home in accordance with HIndu traditions, Having participated in numerous religious seminars conducted all over India & Srilanka. Pandit Bharadhwaj ji has undergone formal Veda,Agama, Shastra & Sanskrit education from a reputed Veda Agama Shivagama Patashala, Kanchipuram.Priest Bharadhwaj is fluent in languages namely Tamil,English, Hindi , Malayalam & understands Telugu, Punjabi and Gujrati. Besides bringing with him a valuable skill of Performing Special Alankarams to deities at the temple, he also has the credit of conducting several agamic temple consecration ceremonies in India & Srilanka.

”My mission is to explain and interpret our religious values to our community youth in America”, says our Priest Bharadhwaj.

He is also a Yoga Practitioner for the last 6 years & did his Diploma in Yoga From Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Newdelhi and Advance Teacher Training Course in Yoga from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai.  He’s a speaker for youth in our community and a vegan. He also believes that, his expertise lies in holistic well-being.

Before starting to serve at The Hindu Temple Of St.Louis, Priest Bhardhwaj has served as a Chief Priest at Shree Karunya Maha Ganapathy Temple in Newdelhi for 10 years & as a Temporary Chief Priest at Shree Kamakshi Devastanam, Ram Nagar,Batticalao, Srilanka.

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