Annual Murugan Festival – Kavadi

Hindu Temple of St.Louis celebrating Murugan Festival on September 19th


The annual festival on September 19 will focus on celebrating and singing the praise of Lord Murugan who is known by many names

  • Murugan, the beautiful one
  • Dandapani, the God of yoga who guides us on the path of Self Realization
  • Kumara, the child God of Lord Shiva
  • Karttikeya, the God of war, who arrives to end all conflicts with piercing wisdom and swift action

Kavadi – an act of devotion and submission to Sri Murugan

  • The myth of taking Kavadi is associated with Lord Murugan testing Idumban of his determination and duty towards his Guru
  • Offering Kavadi to Lord Muruga is of great significance as it brings peace and spiritual fervor.
  • Carrying Kavadi is an act of devotion and penance to soften and relieve the burdens of karma.

Kavadi – Austerities and Vratham

  • The devotees observe Kavadi Vratham for a minimum of seven days. During this period, they maintain celibacy, take only fresh, light foods, while striving to contemplate on Sri Murugan

Kavadi – Preparation & Procession

  • The Kavadis (the wooden structure) need to be cleaned the day before
  • They need to be decorated with Pannangu (the decorated cloth specially stitched for Kavadi), peacock feather, vibuthi and santhanam
  • On each side of the Kavadi, hang the Murugan Abishekam materials such as milk, honey, paneer and fruits. It would be good to have a variety of Abishekam materials depending on devotees offer.
  • During the preparation of Kavadi, thoughts should be bestowed on Lord Murugan.
  • The Kavadi-bearers are in a high state of religious fervor
    • They dance in ecstasy with divine radiance on their face.
    • Devotees often experience the state of complete union with God
    • Singing Murugan Kavadi Paatus and chanting Arohara..Arohara are important
    • In the Hindu Temple of St. Louis, we go around the Temple with Kavadi one time.

Devotees who are interested in taking the Kavidi, please contact our Temple Manager.