Ayyappa Padi Pooja

We request all devotees to book the appointments to help us manage the logistics. Our booking calendar is open for 06/13 specific to our Pooja sponsors.

  • Allotted time for Ganapathi Homam and Abhishekam will be at least 10 minutes. This time varies depending on the number of bookings subscribed.
  • Padi Pooja will be performing in front of the Padi (outside). We request all devotees who planned to visit Temple for Padi Pooja and followed by Karapoorazhi to book the appointment (see below) to hold the slot anywhere from 6.30 PM to 8.00 PM. This will help us with managing the Prasadam distribution and planning on outside activities.
  • For Pooja Sponsors, choose the Pooja service on the booking calendar as below mentioned and leverage the PayPal service to avoid the interactions at the temple.

Pooja Schedule: 

Pooja Name Start Time End Time
Ganapathi Homamam 9.00 AM 10.00 AM
Abhishekam,  Alankaram,
108 Suvarna Pushpa Ashtottaram
11.00 AM 12.30 PM
Padi Pooja 6.30 PM 7.30 PM
Karapoorazhi followed by Hariharavasanam 8.15 PM 9.15 PM
Prasadam 9.30 PM 10.00 PM

Pooja Sponsorships

Ganapathi Homam $50.00
Abhishekam $25.00
Padi Pooja $60.00
Swarna Pushparchana $25.00
Flowers $25.00
Gajamala $35.00
Prasadam $200.00

Appointments & online Pooja Sponsorships: