Holi – The festival of spiritual colors


Holi, the festival of colors also assimilates colors of many spiritual secrets within itself. In English, Holi (holy) means purity. It means, the festival of Holi gives us the message of becoming pure. White color symbolizes purity. If we see from the scientific point of view, all the colors are contained in the light of white color. For example, a diamond is white, but all the colors are contained in it too. Similarly, purity is the mother of all the qualities. If we assimilate purity, we will have all the other qualities within us automatically. In Hindi, Holi also means, ‘Ho + li’, meaning [something that has] passed away. We have to forget all the bad events that occur in our life one by one. We should always think, whatever has happened, whatever is happening, it is beneficial and whatever is going to happen, that will also be beneficial indeed.

The spiritual meaning of Holi is, to become equal to the Supreme Father Shiva, the Supreme Soul through the color of His company; [it is] the color that makes us equal [to Him]. [They are] different colors which are imperishable; for example, the color of knowledge, of remembrance, of many powers, of qualities, of vision, of elevated vibrations [and] the color of elevated feelings and desires. He makes our form just according to the qualities [we have]. By celebrating Holi with the Supreme Soul, we become deities from angels. Holi is the remembrance of burning, celebrating and having an auspicious meeting.

To burn means [to burn] the old sanskaars, old memories through the fire of yoga, i.e. to burn the sticks of vices through the remembrance of the Supreme Father Shiva, the Supreme Soul. Later on, we will be firmly coloured by the company of the Supreme Soul and every soul will appear [a member of] the family of the Supreme Soul. Special qualities and unworldliness (alokikataa) appears in the souls who are coloured by colour in this way. Such souls who are coloured in the spiritual colour become holy swans and attain an invaluable life like a diamond. They always continue to sway and swing in the imperishable happiness or super sensuous joy. 

Holi also reminds us of the incarnation of God. It has been mentioned in the mythological stories that God incarnated as ‘Narsingh (half male and half lion)’ in order to punish demon Hiranyakashyap, for the sin he committed by declaring himself God. And [God] killed that demon according to his wish, [i.e.] neither by a human, nor an animal, neither in the house, nor outside [the house], neither in the day, nor in the night. Actually, there is a spiritual secret behind this as well. At the end of 5000 years of the human world cycle of four ages, when all the human souls become impure, God Himself enters an ordinary human body at the confluence of the Iron Age extreme night and the Golden Age golden morning, i.e. the Elevated Confluence Age and liberates His Prahlad like children from the demons in the form of five vices and the contractors of religion, who call themselves God and make [others] distant from [the real] God.  

In the ‘Narsingh incarnation’, actually, the lion is the symbol of taking on a fearsome form against vices and it has been shown in scriptures themselves that Mahadev Shankar burnt Kamdev (the deity of lust), i.e. lust to ashes. It means, the ordinary human body through which the incorporeal Supreme Soul Shiva destroys vices and the old world after entering him is named Shankar according to the deeds performed. Through Shankar, the incorporeal Shiva teaches us human souls in the form of Prahlad the art of controlling our subtle and physical karmendriyaan. It means, He teaches Raja yoga through which we can remain safe of the vices and remember God and become Narayan from a man and Lakshmi from a woman in the present Confluence Age.In the present Elevated Confluence Age, the Ocean of all the qualities, the Purifier of the impure, Shiva applies the colour of His qualities and knowledge to us souls and makes us complete with all the virtues like Himself and He teaches us to burn the vices to ashes. In the remembrance of this very event, we apply colour to each other on Holi and burn Holika. So come, let us understand the secret of Holi and celebrate the real Holi. Om Shanti.


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