•  Avoid non-veg for at least 5 days (Usually one mandalam 48 days).
  • No alcohol or smoking.
  • Observing celibacy.
  • If possible, sleep separately on a hard floor, mat, or comforter (this is what Palani Patha Yatra do to prepare yourself for the long walk and Roadside rest.
  • Recite Skandar Sashti Kavasam, Sing/pray Murugan songs at least once a day as a family. Visit the temple & pray to Murugan as often as you can.
  • If you can tolerate physically, Full fasting prior to carrying KAVADI / PAL KUDAM on the festival day is recommended.
  • For Kids who carry Kavadi / Pal Kudam, give them vegetarian food, take this time as an opportunity to teach them slokas or songs, telling them Hindu related PURANA stories.
  • Try not to watch any TV, shows, or movies. Be humble during Vratham days.
  • At the end of the day during the Vratham, avoid all worldly pleasures for nothing is ours and nothing is permanent, also think only about Murugan.
  • On the day of Festival please wear Traditional clothing, for men carrying Kavadi or Pal Kudam Dothi (Veshti), and no shirt while on procession.
  • Girls under 12 can wear Pavadai for carrying Kavadi or Pal Kudam.
  • Boys can wear Dothi or Sharvani Pants and no Shirt when they carry Kavadi or Pal Kudam.
  • Kavadi registration will be closed on September 13th night. So that Devotees can do at least 3 days vratham strictly.
  • For Kavadi devotees, Temple will provide Kavadi, all necessary decoration and Prasad materials.
  • For Pal Kudam devotees, Temple will provide Milk and devotees are expected to bring their own Kudam with their personal markings.

Murugan Vizha

Murugan Vizha

Murugan Vizha

Murugan Vizha
Palkudam (Bring your own Palkudam) (+$10.00 per item)
Archana (+$11.00 per item)
Flowers (+$25.00 per item)
Moolavar Gajamala (+$50.00 per item)
Kavadi & Abhishekam (+$51.00 per item)
Nadhaswaram (+$51.00 per item)
Abhishekam (In Person Participation) (+$51.00 per item)
Garland (3 Vigrahas) (+$100.00 per item)
Prasadam (+$200.00 per item)
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