• Balalayam – Sarva Devatha Homam

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  • mahakumbhabhishekam

    [vcv_menu key="mkb"]MAHA KUMBHABHISHEKAM COUNTDOWN MAHA KUMBHABHISHEKAM SIGNIFICANCEA Temple is a home of the Divine, meant for collective spiritual benefit and upliftment. The omnipotence of the supreme is manifested into Idols by Mantra Sakti at the time of consecration (PrathiSthapana) through a precise process ordained by the scriptures called Agamas, thereby making the Idols into Deities.Kumbhabhishekam is
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    THURSDAY, MAY 12 (Program starts @ 9 AM)9:00AM – Suprabhatam9:20AM – Vishwaksenapooja/Ganapathi Pooja 9:45AM – Punyahavachanam10:00AM – Agnimathanam10:30AM – Agni Pratishtha11:00AM – Sarvadevata Homam11:45AM – Poornahuti12:00PM – Teertha,Prasada Viniyogam THURSDAY, MAY 12 (Program starts @ 4 PM)4:00PM – Vishwaksena Pooja/Ganapati Pooja 4:20PM – Punyahavachanam4:30PM – Agni Pranayanam4.45PM – Kumbha Aavahanam5:30PM – Kumbha Aradhanam6:00PM – Sarvadevata
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  • Donations Appeal

    [vcv_menu key="mkb"] MAHA KUMBHABHISHEKAM COUNTDOWN MAHA KUMBHABHISHEKAM POOJA SPONSORSHIPS DONATIONS APPEAL We celebrate this event once every 12 years and we are excited to invite you all to participate and have a spiritual experience. The event is a once in life-time opportunity for devotees to experience Balalayam, Deeksha, Yagashala, Homas, Maha Samprokshana, Ashtabandhana Jeernodha- rana
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